Bulk SMS as a Markerting tool

TechnoHive Bulk SMS markerting

There has been a lot of changes in the business world recently . People have become more conscious and selective when it comes to procuring any service or products. As a result, it has become too crucial to innovate in marketing. Only with proper marketing, you will be able to ensure sustainable growth for your business. There are alot of markerting tools nowdays, e.g email marketing, but  they are not as effective as Bulk SMS marketing.

Bulk SMS marketing

What is bulk sms markerting?  Bulk text SMS service allows you to send messages in bulk amounts to several recipients. Hence, it becomes easy for you to reach your customers about the products, services or offers that you are providing. Plus, the text messages are instantly read as soon as they are delivered. So, the efficiency that the SMS marketing service offers is really unparalleled.

TechnoHive Bulk SMS Markerting
TechnoHive Solutions Bulk SMS

Benefits of Bulk SMS marketing:

Bulk SMS endless  of opportunities and benefits to a business.

Instant Delivery :

SMS takes less than 7 sec to get delivery at anytime and anywhere. This will help you to reach customer much faster than any other channel

High readability:

It has been found in a recent survey that people have the tendency to immediately read the messages. As a matter of fact, 97% of the messages that you send to your clients are instantly read.

Provides reliability:

SMS marketing provides you with utmost reliability. Other marketing platforms like email fail to provide you with the same reliability. When you send an SMS to someone it does not go through spam or other filters. Thus, your text messages will reach your customers without any trouble.

High conversion:

Since text messages provide you with high readability, the conversion rate is also higher. Whatever offers you may offer through your SMS, it sees the higher conversion. So, if you are using the SMS marketing, then you can ensure proper business growth.

Customer Engagement

It is a direct way to connect with customers, Customers can easily be retained and convinced with the help of SMS

Low Cost and High ROI :

Bulk SMS marketing campaigns have low cost & a high ROI when compared to other forms of marketing like Social media ads, traditional marketing ads, etc.


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